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I’d like to welcome you to Mullaglass Primary School. 
The history of our school can be traced back many years. As early as 1821, the Census records that Mr William Wilson of Newry taught a school in ‘Lett’ consisting of 31 boys and 17 girls. It is almost certain that our present school occupies the same site as this early school. 
In 1906, the landlord, Captain Roger Hall of Narrow-Water, gave the school premises to Mullaglass Parish. In 1907-08 the school was rebuilt and extended, and a teacher’s residence was added. There was a ‘Mullaglass School Building Fund’ to help finance the works. A member of the Select Vestry boasted that the new buildings were ‘unsurpassed as a country school’. 
Additions to the early 1900s building have taken place periodically over the years, most notably the huge extension and refurbishment in 2006. The result is that we now have a fantastic building with ever growing and improving resources in which to provide the best possible education and facilities to meet the needs of our pupils. 
In Mullaglass Primary, our goal is to provide rich educational experiences for each child that will allow him/her to develop physically, emotionally, socially, morally, spiritually and academically. The Northern Ireland Curriculum aims to empower young people to develop to their full potential and enable them to make informed and responsible choices and decisions later in life. In Mullaglass Primary we will endeavour to ensure that each child fulfils his/her individual potential within a friendly, positive and child-centred environment. 
Mr Murphy 
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