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March 2017 

Numeracy (School Maths Trail) 

Today (14.03.2017) during our numeracy, we had to move around the school to find various information through counting. We then had to use our results to complete 10 long addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums. 

Literacy (Grammar and Punctuation) 

Today (10.03.2017) we focused on recognising adjectives, verbs and nouns. We had to sort various words into the correct column before trying to make up our own words for the display board. 

Numeracy (Time) 

World Book Day (02.03.2017) 

February 2017 

Pancake Day (28.02.2017) 

P4/5 had pancakes today in class. This is to mark the day before Lent. Some pupils even had an extra helping of pancakes! 


We have been learning about collecting information and displaying data this week. At the end of the week the pupils had to collect information by saying how many different coloured smarties are in 2 packets of sweets. Pupils had to choose an appropriate way of recording their information, displaying information and interpreting information. 

January 2017 


For PE this term, we have been focusing on keeping fit and healthy. We have been doing circuits for our PE lessons, working on all parts of our body. We recorded our scores and heartbeat after each activity and analysed the results. 

Cancer Prevention 

Today we had the Cancer Prevention Charity in our class to talk about healthy eating. We looked at the fat, sugar and salt content in some foods. 
We became detectives for the session and had to work out who is the culprit for giving us all these unhealthy food choices. 

Teachers for the Day 

We had new 'student teachers' in our classroom today (20.01.2017) as some P4/5 pupils got to be teacher for the day. They achieved this by getting the most healthy break points throughout the 1st term! Well done! 

Class Novel 

Our class novel for this term is called 'The Midnight Gang' by David Walliams. We looked at all the character's illustrations at the beginning of the book and tried to work out what the character will be like in the book (interpret visual message). We also designed our own invitations to join the Midnight Gang. 

Numeracy (Negative Numbers) 

We have been learning about negative numbers this week in class (11/01/2017). We were comparing temperatures of different cities around the world and ordering from the coldest to warmest. To help learn about negative numbers we played a 'tug-of-war' mental maths game to begin.  

December 2016 

Story Writing 

We have been writing stories in class based on Christmas. After weeks of planning and writing our stories, we then read our stories to P1, P2 and P3. 
Christmas Jumper and Bobble Hat Day 2016 

Christmas Cards 

We made each other a Christmas card for homework (5.12.2016). Even the reindeer got in on the act!  

Christmas Art 

Today (2.12.2016) during our art lesson, we designed and created our own Christmas trees. We used paper plates cut into quaters and lolly-pop sticks to make the tree. We then added tinsel, bobbles and a star.  

November 2016 

Numeracy - Symmetry 

We have been looking at symmetry this week. Today (28.11.2016) we had to complete simple symmetrical patterns using lines of symmetry.  

Road Safety Week - Numeracy 

For Road Safety Week, P4/5 has been looking at symmetry in class. They studied road signs and had to investigate how many lines of symmetry are in each sign. They then learnt what each sign means. 

Remembrance Day Art 

For Remembrance Day, P4/5 used water paints to design a lovely picture of the poppy fields which grew after the war. We used light and dark colours to add affect. We cut out poppies and stuck them onto our drawing.  

October 2016 


We used drying clay today to create our own WW2 medals. Once we had designed our medal shape, we then had to use a pin to add detail to the medal. Stay tuned to see the finished piece of work soon! 

Diary Entry 

We have been writing diary entries this week in P4/5. We have been focusing on the features of a diary entry and trying to write our own diary entry of a child who is alive during the Blitz 1941. We hope to complete 5 days of diary entries for a child during the Blitz in London; covering the day of bombing, moving to the countryside and the arrival on the countryside. Stay tuned to see the pupils final piece of writing! 


Mullaglass had a special visitor in school. We had the privilege of meeting Mr Neville Henshaw. Mr Henshaw is a WW2 D-Day veteran who fought in 1944. He was a member of the Royal Corps of Signals. It was wonderful of Mr Henshaw to share his memories to P4/5, who are learning about WW2. Also a big thank you to Mr Henning for giving up his time and for bringing his WW2 collection to the school.  

September 2016  

Class Novel 

We have been reading the Demon Dentist by David Walliams for our class novel work this term. The pupils are enjoying reading the book and can follow the book using the school iPads where we placed the Demon Dentist onto iBooks. We do novel activities throughout the week where the children can respond imaginatively to the text.  

The world around us 

Our topic for this term is World War 2. We would like to thank Mr Henning for coming into our class this month and showing us his memorabilia and World War 1 and 2 collection. 

Eco Bus 

The Eco Bus was in school this month. P4/5 took part in some fun activities and learned about recycling and correct waste disposal. Below is some pictures from the bus.  

Mental Maths 

Each day we participate in 10-15 minutes of mental maths. This involves fun games which require a quick recall of answers. 
Here are some pictures of games focusing on our multiplication skills. 
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