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Welcome to P6/7 

All About Me Presentations 

Year 6/7 have been enjoying learning how to create hyperlinked PowerPoint presentations about themselves. They have then been sharing them with their peers using the interactive whiteboard. 

Lifeboat Investigation 

P6/7 thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Miss Hiltabidle, our American student, into our classroom for a month. She carried out a science challenge with some of P6/7, where they worked in pairs to make a lifeboat for the Titanic that would hold the most pennies before sinking.  


The Royal School, Armagh 

A number of the P6s visted The Royal School, Armagh as part of their recent taster day. The pupils enjoyed visiting technology, I.C.T., science for crime investigations and of course H.E. to make pizza! 

Visit to Schomberg House 

P6/7 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Schomberg House on Thursday 4th May. Helen taught us about the history and events leading up to the Battle of the Boyne and showed us lots of weaponry from the time. David helped the groups to form their own lodges and taught the boys and girls about identity and what it means to us.  

Nets of a Cube Investigation 

This week we have been learning about shapes in maths. On Thursday we learnt about nets and the nets of a cube. P6 worked in pairs investigating whether nets did or did not make a cube. P7 had the harder challenge of trying as a group to find the 11 nets of a cube. One group found 8 solutions and the other group 10! The pupils really enjoyed their challenges and were super problem solvers. 

Maths Easter Egg Hunt 

On our last day before the Easter holidays P6/7 enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with a difference; they had to do maths to find the real Easter eggs. The pupils hunted in pairs or small groups for Easter egg cards in our Eco garden, solved the maths questions on them and then used the code to crack the mystery of where the real Easter eggs were hiding. The pupils really enjoyed their outdoor maths lesson and of course the Easter eggs! 

K'NEX Challenge 

Today (27/03/17) 4 pupils from Year 6/7 went along to St. Mary's High School, Newry to take part in the K'NEX challenge run by SENTINUS. Our pupils worked in pairs to plan and build a bridge. They did a great job and enjoyed their afternoon of engineering. 

5, 6, 7, 8 

Over the last number of weeks P6/7 have been learning a line dance to '5, 6, 7, 8' by Steps. The pupils were then split into groups and challenged to come up with their own dance routine. The pupils enjoyed working together and adding in some modern moves like the 'dab' and 'gangnam style' and soon realised that dancing certainly makes you sweat! After lots of practising the groups performed for each other and the final results were fantastic! We definitely have some dancing queens, and kings, in this class! 

Oreo Phases of the Moon 

Over the months of January and February the pupils have been observing the moon for homework each night as part of our topic 'Space'. After working out for themselves that the moon always changes shape, we then learnt about the phases of the moon such as waxing gibbous and waning crescent. To help the pupils remember the order of the phases of the moon we made diagrams using Oreo biscuits to represent the 8 phases of the moon. The pupils had lots of fun learning practically with their peers and of course eating the Oreos after! 

ECO Maths 

We are currently reapplying for our Green Flag. P6/7 have been busy conducting surveys on healthy eating and the school garden. Today we turned our results into bar charts. 

Markethill High Information Session 

Mr Maxwell, the principal of Markethill High, visited P6/7 to give a presentation on what life is like at Markethill High. He brought along 2 of his pupils, Emma and Jacob, as well as a special friend, Boofle. The pupils had a lot of fun learning about all the exciting things which happen at Markethill High and seeing photos of past pupils. Thank you to Mr Maxwell, Emma, Jacob and Boofle for taking the time to visit us. 

Newry High School Taster Day 

P6/7 thoroughly enjoyed their taster day at Newry High School. They took part in games in P.E., made keyrings in technology, learnt about Kenya and tribal culture in geography and made Christmas clay tiles in art. A huge thank you to Mr Brown and his pleasant and helpful staff and pupils for inviting us to Newry High for the day and looking after us so well! 

Working Whiteboards 

P6/7 enjoy recording on our working whiteboards to show off their learning. Earlier this month the pupils recorded alternative words for 'said', such as 'yelled' and 'announced'. The pupils were then able to use their peers' suggestions to make writing speech more interesting. 
This week the pupils have recorded common nouns on one board and proper nouns on the other to show they understand the difference. 

Health Education 

Thanks to Amy from Action Cancer who came into school and helped p6/7 get a clear understanding about sun safety, healthy food choices and the impact of smoking and alcohol on our bodies. Amy was very impressed with the knowledge p6/7 had, thanks to our Monday morning sessions with Jeannie Graham. P6/7 really enjoyed the two sessions with Amy, although maybe not the real pig's lungs! 
P6/7 have thoroughly been enjoying Jeannie Graham take them over the last number of Monday mornings for health education. Today the pupils put their learning into practice by planning and performing role plays about how to respond to peer pressure. 

Half term Trick or Treat? 

On the last day before the half term holidays, Mrs Weir and P6/7 made white chocolate banana ghosts. The pupils enjoyed their treat of making their ghosts, however, some thought that hiding fruit under chocolate was most definately a trick! 

World Around Us 

Our topic this term is World War 1. 

Remembrance Walk 

On remembrance day P6/7 took a walk to the graveyard beside the school. In an act of remembrance the pupils read the poem 'In Flanders Fields', placed poppy crosses on soldiers' graves and took a minute to silently reflect and remember those involved in wars, as we have been learning about this term. 

Somme Heritage Centre School Trip 

On the week leading up to half term, P6/7 enjoyed their school trip to the Somme Heritage Centre. The pupils were able to see and hold WW1 weapons and uniform first-hand, learn about how the war started, experience life in the trenches and view battle footage while sitting in No Man's Land. P6/7 had an enjoyable day and were able to gain a better first-hand understanding of our topic. A huge thank you to the Somme Heritage Centre, Bob our tour guide and Mount Norris P.S. for inviting us along. 

War Horse Drama 

Our class novel this term, to link in with our WW1 topic, is 'War Horse'. On Friday (14/10/16) the pupils enjoyed taking part in some drama activities. To begin we played 'emoji charades', were small groups of pupils were given an emoji to act out for the others to guess. For our main activity the pupils got into pairs or small groups and were given a scene from 'War Horse' were Joey the horse is sold for the war. The pupils had to identify the speech (which we had been learning this week in literacy) and then act out the scene with the focus on using our words and actions to get across the emotion of the scene. The pupils then performed for each other, it's fair to say we may have some budding actors and actresses in P6/7!  

Soldier Research 

P6/7 have been working in groups and finding out about a WWI soldier. Each group then shared their learning with the class. 
We researched: 
Wilfred Feeney - An everyday soldier 
Wilfred Owen - Famous war poets, who died in the final week of the war 
Walter Tull - The first black officer and also a professional footballer 
Jack Cornwell - The youngest recipient of the Victoria Cross 
Henry Tandey -The British soldier with the most medals and also the man who Hitler claimed had spared his life 
Harry Patch - The last surviving soldier known to have fought in the trenches of the First World War 

Visit from Miss McKelvey 

Miss McKelvey, our P3 teacher, kindly came and shared some of her WW1 memorabilia with P6/7. We were able to hold a memorial plaque, see WW1 medals, read a letter written by a soldier the day before he died and much more. Thank you Miss McKelvey for giving us a very interesting and personal insight into WW1.  

Eco-Committee Elections 

Some members of P6/7 have been campaigning for a place on the Eco-Committee. On Wednesday 28th September 2016 the polling station opened and P6/7 cast their votes for the Eco-Committee: chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and members. Check out the ECO Schools tab to find out the Eco-Committee members for 2016/2017. 

Wonderful Work Wall 

P6/7 have a 'Wonderful Work Wall'. Whenever a pupil completes a piece of wonderful work, in any area of school work, it gets pinned up on their space. Boys and girls keep watch for when your next piece of wonderful work goes up on the board and grown ups, look out for 'old' pieces of wonderful work coming home as they are replaced by new wonderful work. 
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