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Here at Mullaglass we promote an ethos of "Green Living" at all times. We encourage all our children to be aware of our planet and what we can do to save natural resources. 

2016 / 2017 

Eco-Committee 2016/2017 


Eat your five a day and it will help you play. 
Clean world = green world. 
Our world matters. 
Care about your school grounds, 
Open a bin and put it in. 
Do be green and your school will be clean. 
Eat it, don’t waste it! 

Grace Hamilton - Environmental Youth Speak 2017 

Well done to Grace Hamilton (P6 - pictured back row, 2nd from the left) who represented Mullaglass at the recent Environmental Youth Speak Competition run by Newry, Mourne and Down District Council. Grace presented a funny yet factual speech on 'Food Glorious Food. Don't Waste it!' 

Healthy Lunches 

Wow, look how many smiley faces the boys and girls got over the last 2 months for healthy lunches with only 1 treat! Keep up the healthy eating! 

Green Flag Renewal 

On Friday 3rd February we were awarded our 2nd green flag for continuing to be an eco-school. A huge well done to all the boys and girls and particularly our eco-committee who have worked very hard this year; eating more healthily, keeping the garden in order and trying to reduce food waste. The pupils' efforts, knowledge and manners really impressed our eco-inspectors on Friday. Keep up the green work! 

Emily Annett - Eco Calendar Competition Winner! 

Congratulations to Emily Annett (P6) who was one of the winners of the 'Schools' Environmental Calendar Poster Competition' run by Newry, Mourne and Down District Council. Emily desgined a poster on the issue of dog fouling and was invited to attend a prize giving ceremony at the Newry Council Offices. 
A huge well done to all the pupils in P6/7 who entered the competition and we wait in anticipation to see how many will receive certificates of achievement from the council. 

Bottle Top Collection 

On Friday 11th November we had our first bottle top collection and a massive 11 bin bags of bottle tops were collected, for recycling, by Jonny Hall . Thanks to all those who have been sending in their plastic bottle tops. Keep on collecting! 

Eco Documents  

Eco-Committee Minutes 

17th October 2016 

Welcome - Mrs Weir 
Roll call - 10/11 members present 
Matters arising 
1. Food in wrong bins 
- This week the two year 6 committee members are going round to tell you what you put in the bins. 
-Tell your parents not to put as much break in your bag or eat what you want and bring the rest home. 
-Make sure paper and card go in the right bin. 
- Eco members are going to be bin monitors in the classes to check the rubbish is going in the right bins. 
2. Birds 
-STOP dropping bird seed 
3. Green Flag 
- We are going to look into the ‘bugingham’ to see if we need to build a new one. 
- Mrs Weir needs to reapply for the green flag 
4. Environmental Review 
We are going to carry out the environmental review with the eco team and some non-members – Year 6/7. 
-Saving electric -sell things at the gate 
-We are going to try and recycle more - solar panels 
- Pencil sharpens need to go in the normal bin 
- We are going to try and start a Friday eco club after Halloween 
Next meeting will be before Christmas. 

30th January 2017 

Welcome – Mrs Weir 
Roll call - 9/11members present 
Read and discuss previous minutes 
1. Action Plan – Been written up just needs ticked off as we complete actions. 
2. Eco Code – Made a new eco- code, pinned up in every class. Encourage P3-7 to begin learning the code. Mrs Weir to print copies for taking home. 
Matters arising 
1. Green Flag- Coming on Friday. 
2. Committee - 2 members, including our chairperson, have left to go to Canada to live. Form a new committee in September. 
Continue to make the garden better by planting more flowers. 
Next meeting will be before Easter 

19th June 2017 

Welcome – Mrs Weir and Vice Chairperson 
Roll call - 8/11 members present 
Read and discuss previous minutes 
1. Healthy breaks – P.6/7, progress? Results of last survey - P6/7 a lot better with healthy breaks. Results have improved from 53 up to 68 taking healthy break 4 days. 
2. Healthy Lunches – progress? – need to keep a closer eye as an Eco team, some people going back to more than 1 treat. 
3. Bins – fruit being eaten? Bins being used correctly? – bins being used correctly but full fruit still being binned. P4/5 normal bins good. 
4. Flag pole – been erected and discussed with Mr Henning how to put a tap on the water butt. 
Matters arising 
1. Healthy breaks – Need to carry out final survey into fruit and vegetables snacks at break. 
2. Bins – need to carry out spot checks. 
3. Need to update light signs for September. 
Caterpillars have eaten cabbage; need to research how to discourage caterpillars in an environmentally friendly way. 
Strawberries ripe and ready for picking. 
Thanks to all eco members for their hard work this year. 

18th November 2016 

Welcome – Chairperson 
Roll call - 11/11 members present 
Read and discuss previous minutes 
1. Food in wrong bins- it’s getting there but still some full food. 
2. Birds- Good 
3. Green Flag- started green flag but need to check ‘bugingham’. 
4. Environmental Review- completed. 
Matters arising 
1. Environmental Review 
Has been completed with eco-committee members and non-members. Agreed that healthy living will be our major topic and minor topics will be school grounds and waste. 
2. Action Plan 
Year 6 + year 7 eco committee will complete the action plan with Mrs Weir. 
3. Eco Code 
We need to change the eco code; 4-7 was the vote. We’ll get a suggestion box and the eco committee will come up with a new code based on the suggestions 
We are going to get the bird box up 
We are hoping to have an eco-sale but we need to ask Mr Murphy. 
Next meeting will be before Green Flag inspection. 

22nd April 2017 

Welcome – Mrs Weir and Vice Chairperson 
Roll call - 9/11 members present 
Read and discuss previous minutes 
1. Green Flag- Well done on getting the green flag 
Matters arising 
1. Healthy breaks – Pretty good, need to keep eye on P.6+7. We are carrying out a survey later. 
2. Healthy Lunches –Excellent, eco members are going to monitor. 
3. Bins – Fruit needs to be eaten and we need to keep an eye on bins 
We need a flag pole and a tap on the water butt. We also need to change the light signs. 
Next meeting in new term 

2015 / 2016 

Here at Mullaglass we promote at all times an ethos of "Green Living." 
We encourage all our children to be aware of our planet and what we can do to save natural resources. 

Mullaspray Shine 

We would like to thank everyone who bought the bottles of the Mullaspray Shine on sale at the gate, the money raised will be used to buy plants for the garden. 
Our bottle top collection has almost reached two tonne, the recycling of bottle tops will continue until the end of May. We are still collected used stamps and batteries.  
Thank you for all your support 
(By Amy 16/03/2016) 

School Garden 

Our garden at the front of the school is almost completed. When the spring comes, we will sow seeds and plant out flowers and vegetables. We are delighted with the result and would like to thank Mr. Norman Porter for all his help with the planning and landscaping of the garden. 
Three generations of the Porter family were here to help with the garden. Joshua, a past pupil of Mullaglass was working with his father and his grandfather Mr Thomas called to see the progress. Mr Thomas remembers gardening at our school more than sixty years ago! We appreciate all their advice and expertise. 
(Eco-Committee 10.02.2016) 

School Garden 

We are hoping to create a garden at the front of the school. We applied for a grant and have been successful and we now have £3,000 available to develop a garden. We have asked Mr. Norman Porter to carry out the work. In our garden we hope to have a small enclosed pond, a wildflower area, a willow structure, a seating area for a class and a tray to grow vegetables in. We hope to start work soon. 
(By Kyle 18.12.2015) 


We would like to thank everyone who supported us and brought in items and plants for the Christmas Fayre. We raised an amazing total of £121.66 on our Eco-stall. We hope to use this money to buy plants for the proposed garden at the front of the school. (By Jane 26.11.2015) 


The items we are recycling are bottle tops, ink cartridges, batteries and stamps. Please collect stamps off Christmas card envelopes and bring them into school. We also would like any old pairs of glasses as these can be sent out to third world countries. (By Sarah 26.11.2015) 

Mullaspray shine 

We are starting to sell Mullaspray Shine window cleaning solution again. We are running out of cloths and we would like to ask if you have any old cloths at home, could you send them into us? We would also like to ask you if you could send in spray bottles, especially the ones with screw lids, as we have had a few spillages with the push on lids. Our prices are one pound for a big bottle and fifty pence for a small one. Even though it is not the time of the year for cleaning windows, Mullaspray Shine is great for cleaning mirrors. Thank you for supporting is. (Amy 26.11.2015) 
Bird Feeder at Mullaglass Ps
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