Primary School 

January - February 2017 Friday Clubs 


This week (27.01.2017) pupils had to use the K'NEX set to design a car that would move the furtherst off a ramp and also built to transport an egg safely at the same time. Pupils planned this week and began to build their car. Next week pupils will finish their design and we will test each car. 
This week (20.01.2017) pupils had to design a device that would launch a pom pom through the air. We wanted to see which pair would get their pom pom the furthest. Pupils were given a brown bag with various pieces of material to use.  
The sling shot design travelled the furthest! 

November - December 2016 Friday Clubs 


This week (25.11.2016) the pupils had to design and create a marble run. We experimented to see which design carried the marble furtherest.This lead to discussions about why some marble runs went further than others.  
During STEM club, pupils had to design and create a vehicle using connects that would move furtherest, and also safely carry an egg. Check out some pictures from week 1 where the children created their car and from week 2 where the pupils tested their vehicle. 

September - October 2016 Friday Clubs 

Sport Club 

Gardening Club 

Games Club 

Knitting Club 


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