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Mullaglass Primary School, Newry

Eco - *Important Information*

30th Nov 2018

The Eco committee spoke during Friday assembly to share with the school our plans for the year. One of the things we are working very hard on is reducing food waste.


The eco committee weighed our school's food waste for 2 weeks and found that over 1 and a half kilograms is being wasted every day! This is only from break and packed lunch. Our bin helpers also found lots of full apples in the bins! Our goal is to reduce our food waste by 10%. We will be weighing the bins again before Christmas to see if we have improved.


Here are the Eco committee's top tips to reduce food waste:

-      If you don’t like it then take it home, don’t bin it!

-      Tell your parents what healthy snack you would like for break

-      Ask your parents to send you the right amount. For example, get your apple cut up at home and only bring in some slices instead of a whole apple

-      Cut bananas in half with the skin on and only bring half to school. By doing this the other half will still fresh until the next day


The Eco committee would be very grateful for your help in reducing our food waste.