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Ulster Scots 

From October 2016 to June 2017, P4 - 7 will be participating in lessons about the Ulster Scots. The pupils will be learning about the lambeg, bagpipes, school, Ulster Scots Language and Scottish Country Dance to name a few. Keep up to date with how the children are getting on each week. 

Ulster Scots Story telling (week 5) 

Ulster Scots Story telling (week 4) 

Ulster Scots Story telling (week 3) 

Week 3 pictures of our Ulster Scots session (25.01.2017). Some children brought in stories of their own to tell the rest of the class. 

Ulster Scots Story Telling (Week 2) 

Week 2 pictures of our Ulster Scots story telling session with Mr Steve Lally (18.01.2017). 

Ulster Scots Story Telling (Week 1) 

We welcomed back Mr Steve Lally today (11.01.2017) to begin his 10 week story telling lessons. Mr Lally was able to read to the children some stories from his own published book as well as play music related to story telling. Over the next 10 weeks, the pupils will be writing their own stories about myths and legends in Co.Down!  

Ulster Scots Living History 

Our final Ulster Scot workshop took place today (15.12.2016). P4 -7 learnt about Ulster Scots warfare and how Ulster Scots dressed during their fighting days. Thank you to James for this wonderful history lesson. The kids loved the chance to hold the various weapons! 

Ulster Scots Singing 

P4 - 7 worked on their singing today with Mrs Lynne McAllister (09.12.2016). Hopefully the pupils can transfer their singing vocals to the Christmas play! Thank you to Mrs McAllister for giving the pupils some singing tips and helping them understand rhythm. 

ulster scots drama 

Today (01.12.2016) P4 - 7 worked with Jen from Theatre Without Walls on Drama. They took part in an active screenplay of Macbeth. The children enjoyed the practical elements and hopefully can use their new found acting skills in their Christmas Play rehearsals! 

ulster scots story telling 

P4 - 7 had Mr Steve Lally in today (Thursday 24th November 2016) to learn about story telling. Steve told lots of stories through music, acting and all the children enjoyed this fun interactive lesson. Thank you to Mr Lally for coming into school and we hope he might inspire some story tellers in Mullaglass Primary School. 

Ulster Scots Highland Dance 

Thank you to Olivia Tweedie for taking the P4 - 7's today (Wednesday 23rd November 2016). The pupils learnt about how to do highland dancing using modern music. A super, enjoyable interactive lesson! Lots of good movers! 

Ulster Scots Scottish Country Dance 

Mrs Jinty Anderson came into school today (Thursday 10th November 2016) to teach P4-7 pupils about Scottish Country Dance. Pupils learnt different dance routines it what was to prove to be a very fun hour! There was definitely some interesting moves by some pupils (and staff!) Thank you to Mrs Anderson for her time and wonderful country dance lesson.  

Ulster Scots Language (Thursday 27th October 2016) 

P4 - 7 took were learning about the Ulster Scots language today. The pupils learnt about the names of different parts of their bodies as well as other interesting Ulster Scots words. The children were able to write their own Ulster Scots sentence at the end of the lesson! Thank you to Anne for coming into the school today and working with the children. 

Lambeg (Thursday 20th October 2016) 

Mr Willie Hill came in to school today to talk to the children about the history of the lambeg. The children learnt about what the lambeg was made from and when it was used. They also focused on the rhythm of a beat. All the children also got to play the lambeg drum. Thank you to Mr Willie Hill for the super interactive activity.  
Bagpipes (Thursday 13th October 2016) 
Mr William Wallace came in to school today to talk to the children about the history of the bagpipes. The pupils learnt lots of interesting facts and even had a go at trying to play the bagpipe themselves! The teachers even got involved too! Check out some pictures from the day.  
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